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Zero Sauce, Barbecue - 350 ml.

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Product Details

Why do we recommend the product BioTechUSA Zero Sauce?

  • It is sugar-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Fat-free (For the curry-flavoured Zero Sauce, the "low-fat" statement is true.
  • Low-fat: ≤1,5 g fat/100 ml product.)
  • Low calorie (The statement does not apply to the mustard and curry flavoured versions!)

Thanks to its low-calorie feature, Zero Sauce can be incorporated into a variety of diets. (this has the "diet safe" feature in HL, belongs to it)
The statements refer to the product.

Mustard, ketchup, BBQ sauce, garlic dressing and others... but not traditionally!

We know that everything is more delicious with ketchup or BBQ sauce, but you do not pour them on your favourite meals without thinking because you pay attention to your sugar intake, and you also handle garlic dips carefully because you may quickly reach the maximum of your daily fat intake with them.

If you like flavours, spices, sweet and hot together, but you would like to pay attention to your diet, the sugar- and fat-free Zero Sauce offers a great alternative to the traditional sauces!

And if you long for something sweet...

Try the Zero Syrup with chocolate, strawberry and maple syrup flavouring poured on your favourite pancake, granola, porridge or protein ice cream!

How to use the BioTechUSA Zero Sauce?

  • If you are looking for a tasty, but sugar-free sauce because you want more than the traditional ones
  • As a dressing on salads
  • To make meat dishes with a marinade
  • To season salty dishes
  • For sandwiches
  • For anything to your liking.


Customer Reviews

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Superb Low Calorie Sauce

One premium low calorie sauce that i have been adding to a range of my low calorie dieting based meals, i always like to add a range of condiments and sauces to all of my meals during dieting pre competition phases to make my meals slightly easier to consume, this is easily one of the best that i have tried and one i will be coming back to due to it having a great balanced thick texture and rich barbeque flavour which makes this enjoyable, this has no off taste like some of the other versions that i have tried which easily allows for me to use this on a regular daily basis. If you want a great low calorie barbeque based sauce to add to healthy protein based meals then i really recommend going for this one as a great premium choice. I will keep coming back for more of these on future orders due to how great they taste and them working well to make some of my more bland meals much nicer to consume to allow for my high target protein requirements to be met.


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Zero Sauce, Barbecue - 350 ml.

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