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Super Nova, Watermelon - 282g

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Product Details

  • Sugar-free
  • Pre-workout powder formula based on three important and high content active ingredients
  • Product with 3 different kinds of creatine
  • High caffeine content
  • A variety of delicious flavours

It refers to ready shakes mixed with water.
Performance, more energy, increased alertness, more concentration - all in one place, and without carbohydrates? Nothing can stop you from pumping your muscles and overcoming your own limitations without an excess calorie intake! Prepare for the best training of your life with Supernova pre-workout product that can enlarge the limits of your universe!

The niacin and vitamin B6 content of the product contributes to the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion, and ultimately, it results in better performance during training and improves your stamina.

Vitamin B6 content contributes to a healthy protein and glycogen metabolism.
The product's zinc content also contributes to the healthy metabolism of fatty acids, the protection of cells from oxidative stress and it also helps you maintain a healthy intellectual capacity.

High caffeine content. {200 mg/serving (100 mg/100ml ready to drink product)}. Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


Customer Reviews

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Marion Dixon
Varied Test Booster

This is a thoughtful and creatively designed strength booster. I think testosterone boosters are somewhat of a far and naming or promoting a strength product as such is not the best. This is more than just a testosterone booster, it has included some really varied and interesting ingredients designed to help you make strength gains, vitamin d, zinc, daa, fenugreek. I really like this EVL test and for me it felt like it helped boost strength similar to that of creatine but it could have been a placebo lol. Give it a try! :)

Sepi L.

there can be confusion when looking at this product because it offering so much, what does it actually do and what does it help the most? now in terms of testosterone, who knows? it's hard to monitor your levels. but i did feel more alert and physically charged in the gym, so it's a point for that. it also has zinc which is always great for the body vitamin D which can be hard for us to get in the UK weather

Jenny Preston

If you want to try and push through a plateau in your lifting, or mayb your new routine is practicing heavy intense lifts, or maybe you're a powerlifter and the strength is the main focus of your exercise routine, then taking something that will naturally give you a little push is recommended. This won't turn you into the hulk but it will give your body that push to help you and your body get onto that next level and it works well


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Super Nova, Watermelon - 282g

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