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Creatine Monohydrate Creapure - 500g

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Product Details

OLIMP CREATINE MONOHYDRATE CREAPURE is a micronised form of creatine which has better solubility and better tissue absorptiveness than the traditional monohydrate. Creatine molecule is the basic energy vehicle in muscle cells, as a phosphate stores high-energy phosphoric acid groups (phosphate radicals) and distributes them for protein synthesis and muscle fibre contractions. Diet supplementation with OLIMP CREATINE MONOHYDRATE results in: - rapid re-synthesis of ATP (direct energy source) - substantial increase in strength and lean muscle mass - anti-catabolic effects - increased energy saturation of the body.

Only for adults, especially strength and endurance athletes.

Additional description

Creatine certainly has the potential to enhance muscular development. Purchasing the right creatine supplement may be able to ensure those interested in achieving their physique improvement goals can do so. Creapure Monohydrate might be one of the best products on the market since it offers a high efficiency in which the body can absorb helpful creatine. The solubility and tissue absorption capabilities of this product are among the best consumers will find on the market. For that reason alone, investing in this supplement is strongly recommended.

Creatine molecules offer a tremendous source of energy for the muscle cells. Among the reasons for this would be the fact creatine helps phosphate radicals be removed from storage and distributed through the muscle cells allowing for maximum strength, recovery, and muscle building gains.

When you take a serving of Creapure Monohydrate, you can feel confident all these benefits will be maximized. A mere 5 grams serving size is capable of delivering these much sought after results. One single container offers a full 100 servings further ensuring the investment made on this particular supplement would be a good one.

The zero amount of calories, protein, and carbohydrates certainly prevents this supplement from contributing to fat gain although using it may contribute to increased weight.

Used as directed. The supplement can be used on off days as well as during regularly scheduled workout sessions.


Customer Reviews

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David B.
Classic essential creapure

I always say that creatine is creatine and as long as you are getting the right dose then you cannot go much wrong, however a tiny caveat to that is that creapure is a really good version of creatine monohydrate just because it is refined and easily mixes so I wouldn't have a problem with regular creatine but when creapure, like this Olimp version is so affordable then I am always going to go for this. Amazing price for like a third of a year supply


Simply the best supplement out there for your body if your goal is to help out with your intensity during exercise whilst also helping with boosting muscle gain and gaining strength too so it is such an essential thing to take!! This creapure version is patented because of its format which means it is even better than standard creatine monohydrate in terms of absorption into your body so its worth paying a bit more for.


I do like this from Olimp, one of my biggest bug bears with creatine is that it is the worst thing ever when it comes to dissolving in your liquids so its a pain when you get one of those ones that end up leaving half of the creatine in your shaker since its impossible to dissolve!! This is one of the best forms out there since creapure is patented to ensure that its dissolvability is one of the better forms out there.


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Creatine Monohydrate Creapure - 500g

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