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Excellent product

Excellent product if you want to build muscle fast a nice taste milk chocolate flavour easy on the digestive system

Really well made

I used their bokkuben (wooden sword) for practice i have even sparred with it it still has not broken and they did a really great job on the wood work no faults I definitely recommend it

Beautiful Jo staff!

This gorgeous, sleek Jo staff looks the business for starters - the dragons are really clearly visible as they are black on the red wood and even from a far distance away the carvings look awesome even if you cant make out what they are exactly from that distance. Also has a very practical use and that is GRIP! having the three dragons and all those grooves gives fantastic grip in the perfect places for striking and smooth sections in the perfect places for spinning and where you need to slip through your hand, but still the dragon areas aren't trippy to the point of being unable to smoothly glide through your hand, they are actually perfect for both depending on your needs you just adjust hor hard you grip the staff. It looks the part, its heavy and ready to be used for self defense at any time and would be extremely effective compared to other less substantial Job staffs, this feels unbreakable, solid, heavy and durable but the perfect weight for all your Jo staff needs! Highly recommend!

Kids Venum BJJ Gi

Great Value & Service!
This is the third Venum BJJ Gi we’ve ordered from Gymrat. Accurate fit from sizing guide! Good quality! My boys are loving these!


These nunchucks are with out a doubt, In the top 5. This pair have a very good weight dispute- lightweight but sturdy. Get them if your experienced tho


Brilliant for heavy training and spear work. Relatively normal weight although the balance is off but not terribly. Easy to train a large bunch of techniques, even though it's no substitute for the real thing it is a definite contender for larp, cosplay, contact training and a moderate amount of technical training

Excellent budget treadmill

This treadmill is excellent for the price. Easy to set up and use. Have had no issues and is a space saver with the fold-away function.

Great benefits!

Top stuff this, Omega fatty acids are incredibly important for the body since there are some awesome benefits that you can get from them... including supporting the health of your joints and also helping with fat metabolism too which are two positive if you are into your compound moves and you also like to stay lean as well! This is a quality vegan form and source of getting in your omega fats as well!

Raspberry Tablets

I love the full spectrum tablets; they provide powdered fruits into a handy tablet of fruits which are not regularly stocked by British mainstream retailers. These are amazing because it means if you are missing out on the health benefits you can buy these and get the exact nutrients from a simple tablet per day. I always recommend real food to supplements but sometimes with Swanson these are almost a better option as they are more affordable and contain all the benefits of hard to purchase fruits. Amazing :)

Excellent Service

Had a little issue with the delivery company leaving the package outside and it was taken by someone else but Bez from gymrat dispatched another one out to me immediately. Really good service!
Fantastic company 5* all the way

It's Ace!

This cocoa is really good!!! Its a perfect substitute for anyone who is looking for a healthier alternative to chocolate as it is purely natural but tastes exactly the same as chocolate so you dont get all the oil and all of the sugar and all of the fat! Cocoa is also really important because of its antioxidant properties and taking this supplement is a great way of getting in 400mg of antioxidants!


Brilliant way to tap into the benefits of soy with these soy isoflavones by natrol. It really is a great way to enjoy the health benefits which many associate with why Asian life expectancy is so high. You do not have to start with soy milk or soy sauce in your food (as good as both they are lol) you can just take these soy isoflavones by natrol. The price is brilliant so you can just take them year long and enjoy the natural benefits to your body :)

Wonderful for the price!!!

For the price, this is fantastic and very well built, you would think it would cost more! Buy one! It's a steal, works well. The only thing letting it down is the poor instruction book. It dont take much to work out how to use it.. I use it everyday and have found my muscles have toned up and I've lost some weight just by standing on it and doing nothing! Fantastic!!!

Good quality

If you are buying for an elderly relative, bear in mind if they are frail, they may have trouble moving it. That said, to someone of normal strength it is not too heavy. The weight it does have means that it is stable and will not slide around on a carpet. Comparing this to cheaper versions, it has solid wide pedals with some depth wheras the cheap ones usually have more flimsy pedals which could be a big disadvantage for an old person. The improved quality of the pedals you get with this model is probably worth paying the extra. The resistance adjustment knob works well. Seems to be a solid and good value exercise aid.

Big Carbohydrate Dose

Big musclemeds mass powder, if you go for the full dose as in four scoops, you get a whopping 190g of carbohydrates which makes this the best mass builders for anyone who is struggling to actually eat enough. I know not eating a lot seems like a good problem but when you want to eat 5000 clean calories it can be hard work. This is the best way to get those carbohydrates in when the day has passed you by and you haven't eaten enough :)

lovely bike

Bought it in march online, arrived prompt
lovely bike took my dad 2 hours to build
instructions really good, the arm exercise bit has to go on 1st he didnt notice till afterwards
timers for cal, distance, time can be set took me a while but i got there, would defo recomend this bike comfty seat & easy to move round room, will defo use site again
discount codes a nice treat thank again

Great purchase and great product.

It is very high quality.. really pleased as it arrived next day!

Great exercise bike

This is a great quality product for the price. It was super quick delivery and easy to assemble with only 4 screws to foot the phone holder the rest was substantial bolts. This was big enough for me at 6ft 1 inch and very comfortable to ride. It has numerous adjustments on the seat and handlebars to get the perfect position. The bike is whisper quiet and the tension settings have a good range it gave me a great cardio workout. It is very solid and well made and looks nice too. The computer has a nice clear screen and gives you the basic info you will need for your workout. Great bike for the price

Good deal

This is a great machine for beginners and my small flat. I did see it later reduced price by 17 quid. Oh well. However I am happy. Slowly working out due to more poor back and shoulders. Only issue I had was the saddle, uncomfortable, so I purchased a seat cover. Received last night, much better. Easy set up. As arrived basically assembled. Very sturdy. I am only 5ft no issues. Very happy.


The old school traditional supplement which they have been taking for bodybuilding since the golden era and with good reason, the stack of zinc, magnesium and vitamin b works and has ingredients for everything your body needs to grow and repair itself after you break down those muscle fibres on a daily basis. As all the other reviews point out and I have to point out too, the sleep quality is hugely improved and thus improves your period for growth and recovery whilst you're sleeping


Quick delivery, well packed and easy to assemble. Treadmill is fine and well built. The handle could do with being a bit higher but I am 6ft 2. Otherwise everything good and happy with purchase.

Excellent product well made great price.

Well worth the money engineered to a very high standard very pleased.


So far first impression I�m pleased, very study. Very fast delivery, cross-trainer very smooth and I�m need of hip and knee replacements, looking forward to using it to build up strength in hips and knee.


Been an avid user of animal pak for a good few years now as this is a level up on every single other multivitamin out there , it is perfect for any bodybuilder or strength athlete who wants that layer of protection for helping out with the immune system. The important bits for me in this is the antioxidant complex whilst the digestive enzymes you get here are great too for helping out with the protein and carbs.

Good sturdy exercise bike, easy to assemble

Wow but the box is really heavy!! Much easier once you got the individual parts out! Took us about 45 minutes to assemble without rushing and it was very straightforward to do, probably best to do with 2 people certainly to get the floor bars on. Seat is pretty comfortable (but husband finds it less comfy than I do) and both the seat & handlebars are height adjustable. The seat can be slid forward or backwards too. Have only just started using it and all seems good so far! Good price too!

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