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Weight Benches

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Most weightlifting or strength training workouts require benches, and if you are serious about pursuing one of these, you should definitely get one.

Why Are Weight Benches Necessary?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, these benches will allow you to do a greater variety of exercises than you can do in a standing position - the other default position for weightlifting. Having a bench means focusing on specific areas of your body - areas that would be incredibly difficult to exercise otherwise. You might think that you can always lie down on the ground, but that lacks comfort and safety. Adjustable workout benches, in particular, are an asset to any aspiring weightlifter or enthusiast.

Benefits Of Workout Weight Benches

  1. First, they make strength training easier for beginners by giving them a base.
  2. They assist with muscle hyperextension allowing people to target those difficult to reach areas.
  3. It would be almost impossible to receive adequate support for heavy lifters

Types Of Workout Weght Benches

So now that we have persuaded you that these benches are worth it, what type of gym benches in UK are there?

1- Flat Weight Bench

Flat weight benches are the simplest variation of the workout bench without the ability to incline or decline or much adjustability at all. It mainly acts as a stable base for various pushing and pulling exercises using dumbbells, kettlebells, bars, and resistance bands.

2- Adjustable Workout Bench

These benches improve upon the previous by allowing for an incline and letting people set it to the precise degree they want to sit comfortably to work out. This type is the most broadly appreciated. If you're starting, for example, then an adjustable workout bench helps greatly to ensure better posture.

3- Olympic Weight Bench

This bench is for the serious powerlifters in our ranks. With their capability of handling extreme loads, these are the most commercially used bench.

4- Folding Bench

These benches are for those of us not willing to have their equipment take up too much space. Therefore, they are likely to use a bench that can easily be folded up and put away between sessions.

5- Abdominal Bench

As the name suggests, these weight benches target your abs. To do so, they can incline, decline, and foot rollers to strap you into place.

6- Preacher Curl Bench

Preacher curls are ideal for people who want to build their mind-muscle connection while working out their arms. They have checks to prevent you from cheating and encourage you to go through a full range of motion to do your curls correctly.

7- Roman Chairs And Hyper Benches

These are simple devices with feet hooks and support pads that allow you to work your core and lower back.

8- Seated Stationary Weight Bench

These are just chairs, to be honest, but to each their own. There may, of course, also be hybrids of these benches or more niche varieties, and GymRat is just the place for you to explore and find what you are looking for and get gym benches in the UK.

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