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AminoJect, Raspberry Leomande - 483g - GymRat UK
AminoJect, Raspberry Leomande - 483g
Regular price £65.95 £54.99
    HALO - 60 caps - GymRat UK
    HALO - 60 caps
    Regular price £59.95 £49.99
      C-HCl Creatine HCL, Capsules - 75 vcaps - GymRat UK
      C-HCl Creatine HCL, Capsules - 75 vcaps
      Regular price £36.95 £30.99
        Double Tap, Blue Raspbery - 232g - GymRat UK
        Double Tap, Blue Raspbery - 232g
        Regular price £50.95 £41.99
          C-HCl Creatine HCL, Lemon Lime - 76g - GymRat UK
          C-HCl Creatine HCL, Lemon Lime - 76g
          Regular price £42.95 £34.99
            Slender Cellulite & Fat Burner, Strawberry - 450g - GymRat UK
            Slender Cellulite & Fat Burner, Strawberry - 450g
            Regular price £34.95 £28.99
              IsoJect, S'Mores - 910g - GymRat UK
              IsoJect, S'Mores - 910g
              Regular price £83.95 £69.99
                R+ALA Complex - 60 caps - GymRat UK
                R+ALA Complex - 60 caps
                Regular price £26.95 £22.99
                  IsoJect, Vanilla Bean - 840g - GymRat UK
                  IsoJect, Vanilla Bean - 840g
                  Regular price £83.95 £69.99
                    C-HCl Creatine HCL, Unflavored - 56g - GymRat UK
                    C-HCl Creatine HCL, Unflavored - 56g
                    Regular price £36.95 £30.99

                      Here at GymRat, we firmly believe that one nutrition is just as important as their level of activity when aiming for a completely healthy lifestyle and health supplements play a key role in this.

                      Health supplements (often also referred to as dietary supplements) are manufactured products supplementing peoples diet by providing them with nutrients. The nutrients are either extracted from food sources or synthetically created to increase the quality of people’s food and, as a result, their quality of life. They can come in the form of pills, capsules, tablets, powders or liquids. For example, vitamin C tablets created using citrus fruits and protein powder.

                      Why Do People Take Such Supplements?

                      As previously discussed, such supplements may include vitamins, minerals and various herbal products, or botanicals. People take these supplements to make sure they get enough essential nutrients and maintain or improve their health. They might be prescribed these due to health condition or simply a lack of access to a particular supplement naturally.

                      Malnutrition refers to when a person's diet does not provide enough nutrients or the right balance of nutrients for optimal health. It may arise from inappropriate dietary choices, a low income, difficulty obtaining food, and various physical and mental health conditions, with difficulty in obtaining food being a real issue in underdeveloped countries.

                      Prescriptions are not a legal necessity when it comes to dietary supplements. However, we feel that you should consult your doctor anyway, as often too much of a supplement can have negative consequences. For example, despite us acknowledging the many positives of calcium products, like milk, since we are kids, too much calcium in your blood can weaken your bones, create kidney stones, and interfere with the functionality of your heart and brain.

                      Benefits Of Taking Supplements

                      We have covered how taking supplements can address the deficiency and boost your general wellbeing, especially in underprivileged areas, but that is not all. A natural extension of these benefits lies in the fact those that who take the appropriate supplements tend to have stronger immune systems protecting them from disease. Additionally, supplement intake supports mental and sports-related performance. The right supplements can even help counteract anxiety and depression, for instance, zinc and cod liver oil.

                      How To Buy Supplements In UK?

                      In today's global village, it is quite easy to buy supplements in the UK and anywhere else in the world. Dietary supplements are readily available on most major retail and pharmaceutical e-commerce websites, along with your usual nearby pharmacies, etc.

                      However, GymRat is one of few fitness sites with an entire collection where you can buy supplements in UK. Our collection provides the perfect opportunity to tailor your fitness and nutrition goals to one another. We have an incredibly broad range of products in this section. We offer everything from activated charcoal to whey cookies so we can cater to all our customers. So do check out our collection because it's a guarantee that we'll have just what you need.


                      High Quality food supplements, protein powders, health foods and herbal formulas all over the UK and across the world. We specialise in the in-house formulation of unique combination products, which offer a comprehensive blend of ingredients that can’t readily be found on the high street. We also pride ourselves on catering to niche markets, such as vegans, vegetarians, organic, dairy-free and gluten-free.

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