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Studio Pilates Reformer range

Align-Pilates’ commercial reformer lineup has some exciting new changes for 2020 featuring a number of new models, all of which feature the new patent-pending Rapid change spring bar. At the top of the range, there is a choice of aluminium or, maple wood reformers.

The flagship A8-Pro is our largest reformer and is best suited to the sports conditioning and physio markets and clubs catering to athletes and sports clubs, the A8-Pro is new for 2020 and replaces the A2 series reformers, featuring a host of exciting upgrades.

Some Studio owners simply prefer the more classic look of a wooden reformer and to this end, Align-Pilates offer the M Series reformers where we combine contemporary performance with a more classic look. If wood is your preference take a look at the M2-Pro.

For the group reformer type studios, or those with less space, the C Series reformers are most suitable, these machines are smaller and lighter and they stack & stand easily. There are 2 models of C reformer, the C2-Pro RC which is a four-wheel reformer & the brand new C8-Pro reformer, which is an eight-wheel reformer and essentially a smaller version of the flagship A8-Pro. Both C machines share all the same accessories and easily co-exist in the same studio.

All of our Studio Pilates range reformers are ISO20957-1 Class S machines which light commercial warranties and a maximum user weight of 150Kg.

If you are looking for a reformer for your home then don’t forget to take a look at our range of home use Pilates reformers

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