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Strength Training

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Strength training refers to physical exercises that improve strength and endurance specifically. The fundamental idea behind strength training is to slowly and steadily increase the force on a trainee’s muscles by applying increased pressure or resistance on specific muscle groups.

Thus, this type of training is usually associated with weight lifting and is also called resistance training. Strength training provides significant functional benefits to those practicing - i.e., its provides increased bone, muscle, tendon, and ligament toughness when done correctly.

Strength Training at Home

Now that you what it is, we’re sure the phrase conjures images of strongmen pumping iron in a sweaty gym, but these days’ strength training at home is much more common. Even pre-COVID, it was difficult for most people to take the time out to go to the gym, and it seems almost unfathomable post-pandemic. Moreover, it is often more affordable to invest in some home gym equipment rather than contributing to a monthly gym membership. This approach also has the added advantage of being much more sanitary - a major concern these days.

So if you are looking to get into a strength training program in UK and need easy access and flexible hours, we have just the thing for you.

Why Choose our Collection?

GymRat is 100% committed and determined to help you achieve your fitness and health goals. Therefore, we cater to any needs you may have - whether it be expanders or suspenders targeting specific muscle groups or weights or even a complete three-in-one set-up - we have just what you need. Additionally, we are easily accessible and always available for questions. Also, our blog provides expert opinions on getting you started and helps you through your resistance training journey. Essentially, our strength training program in UK is not only comparable to others but even better.

Some Standout Items

1- 3 Station Home Multi Gym

As previously mentioned, this multi-gym caters to all aspects of strength training - a massive shrouded 65Kg weight stack, a regular seated station with dip/leg raise stand, curved sit-up bench, press-up station, and more. The multi-gym is not only affordable for all it encompasses, but it is also eye-catching provides all you need for a full-body workout.

2- Steel Adjustable Gravity Inversion Table

This table is the perfect tool for those interested in inversion therapy. Inversion therapy aims to improve blood circulation and posture, leading to better flexibility and reduced back pain, stiff muscles, and fatigue. Of course, people with high blood pressure, stroke, fused vertebrae, extreme, detached retinas, or pregnancy should consult a doctor before inversion therapy. The table itself has a heavy-duty integrated steel frame, with a stable and durable structure, ankle fixing system, precise chuck buckle, and safety lock.

3- Wall Mounted Lat/Triceps Pulley Station

This wall-mounted pulley cable machine performs lat pulldowns, triceps extensions, cable crossovers, and more - essentially, it is the perfect exercise for that particular group of muscles. The station fits onto a solid brick wall, a wooden support beam, or even a concrete wall, and we have made it as safe as possible - we have used only the highest quality materials.

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