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Resistance Bands

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GymRat offer latex resistance bands in a variety of different strengths, colours, and sizes. All of the cut resistance bands are GS tested and each exercise band is marked with the resistance level - essential for club or studio use. 

Perfect for classes and home use alike, we also have Resistance Tubes available for different workouts and routines. Resistance bands and tubes are commonly used in Pilates mat work exercises, so if you need other equipment to go alongside these, then head over to the Pilates section.

You have probably heard a lot about resistance bands in UK recently. You have probably even seen one in the hands of a friend or your local gym. So, what exactly are these colourful toys, and why is everyone suddenly buying one?

What Are Resistance Bands?

A resistance band is an elastic band used to build strength by exerting some force on your muscles when stretched by inducing muscular contraction without carrying the extra weight. Often used in strength training, yoga and Pilates, they are a great way to increase your flexibility for both your upper and lower body. They are so effective that they are often used in physical therapy, specifically for patients with musculoskeletal injuries and in cardiac rehab, to allow slow rebuilding of strength.

Additionally, with their portability, these bands are basically perfect for fitting in workouts on the go since they're compact and light, so they don't take up much space or add weight.

Types Of Resistance Bands

Now, how many different variations of an elastic band could there be, several as it turns out.

First up, there is the compact resistance band, also known as the tube band. These bands used to build up muscle in the upper & lower body along with arms. Second, we have ring resistance bands which consist of a single ring with two handles attached to either side of it. The handles are soft rather than hard plastic. These types are best for working the lower body and require different exercises than tube bands. Other notable resistance bands include lateral resistance bands for the hips and thighs and the black and purple resistance bands, which vary in tension.

All these and more popular resistance bands in UK are available in our collection, with our professional coloured bands ranging from black to yellow proving to be especially popular among customers. We also cater to heavyweight skin with our set of Heavyweight Skin-Friendly Workout Resistance Bands. Along with this, Physical Company 48 inch HD Performance Clips (Resistance Bands), Fitness Resistance Tube and Latex Aerobic Fitness Resistance Loop Bands Set provide more affordable and unique takes on this gym essential.

Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance band are such an asset because you can perform exercises for every major muscle group and challenge your existing routine (using these). You can also increase your range of motion, flexibility and muscular endurance. They are especially useful when used for assisted pull-ups, chest press, bicep curls, and triceps extensions.

Not to mention, they can substitute weights when they are unavailable - you can mimic almost all exercises and work the same muscle groups using resistance bands. Related studies show that there are significantly greater results for those that combine resistance bands with weights compared to just using free weights alone.

It is, therefore, evident that resistance band exercises should be a regular part of your workout routine if you hope to become a more well-rounded powerlifter or strength trainer.

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