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Premium Fitness Equipment

Premium Gym Products Collection

Our premium collection, like any other premium collection, caters to those organizations and individuals that simply want the best - the best real estate, the best experience, and in this case, the best gym equipment.

GymRat's premium collection showcases the most high-end gym equipment in UK, equipment that is on par with anything on offer in the rest of the world. As such, you will find items of this collection on display in numerous reputable commercial environments, from gyms to numerous hotels, spas, and resorts. You might even find these in the professional arena.

Therefore, we would like to spotlight some of our most successful products in this section ranging from smaller well-made aids to the more sophisticated pieces of machinery that take up much more of the gym space.

What makes our premium collection special?

GymRat's premium collection is inhibited entirely with long-lasting, high-quality pieces that get the job done. Each and every item in this collection is limited creation, with customers having to put in an order and wait for product availability.

A Look at Some of the Best Gym Equipment in UK

1- Escape Fitness Carbon Steel Training Equipment Storage Box

The purpose here is to help keep your training equipment organized by storing small training equipment in the Ammo Box- an undoubtedly stylish storage solution. It is also easily manoeuvrable with its front handles and wheels. Basically, our storage box combines all the agility and strength equipment you need for a full-body workout within a condensed footprint.

2- Escape Fitness Nucleus Urethane Curl Barbells

These barbells comprise a wide weight range allowing for anything from heavy exercises like deadlifts and presses to light exercises such as curls and raises. Moreover, with the complimentary base, storage and re-racking is less of a pain and giving the chance to smoothly transition from barbell to curl bar.

3- Escape Fitness Weighted Training Fitness Corebag

Escape Fitness bag with a weight range of 5 kg to 25 kg is one of the most versatile and durable pieces of gym equipment in UK. It is ideal for both working at home or in the gym, the range of weights allowing for users of all muscular needs. It is essential for several training regimes, including aerobics and circuit training, as it lets users execute safe and stable exercises. It also helps those users rehabilitating from injuries that require a safe way of getting back on their feet.

4- Escape Fitness Kettlebells Competition Pro Kettlebells 2.0

This Competition Pro Kettlebells 2.0 come from cast iron for maximum durability. It is heavy-duty (ranging from 8 kg to 32 kg) and can take on the severest beating. These Kettlebells have no seams, welds, or weak spots all throughout, and it's within their stated weight.

As far as we are concerned, the Escape Competition Pro Kettlebells is designed and engineered as the perfect choice for the most demanding clubs and members. It even has a black paint non-corrosion finish.

Hopefully, I have managed to convey how impressive these items are and have made it clear that GymRat is home to the best gym equipment in the country.




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