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Pilates Towers & Wall Units

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Pilates Wall Units and Towers are a great addition to your Pilates Studio. A wall unit provides the same benefits as a Pilates spring wall or springboard, with the addition of a maple foot bar which can be used as a Barre bar.

A Pilates tower is a versatile piece of kit as it can be added to any Align-Pilates reformer which cannot be extended with a Half Cadillac meaning you can upgrade your gear with ease plus it can be used as a stand-alone piece of equipment. Wall Units and Towers are the perfect large accessory to add to your collection!

For all other large Pilates studio apparatus, head over to the Align-Pilates section for all products currently available including Cadillacs, Reformers, and much more.

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GR03 Racing Studio Style Exercise Bike (Black)

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GR03 Racing Studio Style Exercise Bike (Black)

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