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Pilates Half Cadillac

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Get the best of both worlds by using a Half Cadillac tower with your Align-Pilates Pilates reformer. Perfect Pilates Studios, Pilates Physiotherapists or for home use. A half Cadillac or Trapeze tower is a highly versatile piece of Pilates equipment that allows you to perform the majority of the repertoire of a full Pilates Cadillac with or without a reformer.

The Align-PIlates Half Cadillacs feature stainless steel frames for durability and can be purchased separately or as part of a Half Cadillac bundle including a reformer and other Pilates accessories. For those who have a Pilates reformer that is not designed to have a half Cadillac option, we offer wall brackets or a complete wall-mounted half Cadillac option, this is ideal for use with the H1 Reformer or the original C1 Reformer.

For Pilates Studios or those with more space, you may want to consider our Full Cadillacs, which you can find in our dedicated Cadillacs section under the Align-Pilates section, where you will also find Reformer and Full Cadillac combinations.

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