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3000SP Motorised Folding Treadmill3000SP Motorised Folding Treadmill
3000SP Motorised Folding Treadmill
Regular price £500.00 £425.00
    GymboPro Water Resistance Rowing MachineGymboPro Water Resistance Rowing Machine
    GymboPro Water Resistance Rowing Machine
    Regular price £649.99 £449.99
      GR01 Deluxe Weight BenchGR01 Deluxe Weight Bench
      GR01 Deluxe Weight Bench
      Regular price £399.99 £269.99
        BodyTrain GB-608B Magnetic Exercise BikeBodyTrain GB-608B Magnetic Exercise Bike
        BodyTrain GB-608B Magnetic Exercise Bike
        Regular price £400.00 £299.99
          Squat Band - Set Of 3 | Resistance Bands
          Regular price £24.99
            GR06 Studio Racing Exercise BikeGR06 Studio Racing Exercise Bike
            GR06 Studio Racing Exercise Bike
            Regular price £450.00 £359.95
              Studio Pro Yoga Mat - 4.5mm | Travel Yoga Mat
              Regular price £24.99
              • Black
              • Grey
              • Orange
              • Purple
              • Red
              Yoga & Pilates Kit Bag
              Regular price £22.99
              • Black
              • Grey

              Our new products collection is for the fitness enthusiast who remains up-to-date and is interested in trying new things. Here, our entire catalogue is organised according to date and updated regularly to make sure those customers are well versed about whatever new innovation is hitting UK shores soon.

              What Factors Affect This Collection?

              Any new development could feasibly cause to change parts of the collection. Like every other industry, these days' fitness is subject to online trends, and should a certain fitness discipline - let's say running - catch fire within the online community, there is bound to be increased manufacturing of new running equipment and new items added to the collection. Alternatively, a previously popular exercise machine could be proved to be causing more harm than good in which case we would be compelled to remove it from our stores. Every season has sports that become more popular during its timeframe, and manufacturers respond accordingly.

              What Are Some Fabulous Products (As Of The Time Of Writing)?

              We always pride ourselves on providing our clients with just what they need in order to succeed in their fitness journeys. This highlights section, and even this section is a small representation of the quality we bring to the table. So let us discuss some truly outstanding fitness tools.

              1- BodyTrain GB-RM001 Magnetic Rowing Machine

              The BodyTrain GB-RM001 Magnetic Rowing Machine is an excellent rowing machine for all users regardless of fitness levels. Its ergonomically designed body combined with the magnetic braking system allows for the smoothest rowing stroke possible during your workout and adjustable tension for varied resistance levels, preventing any additional wear and tear. Furthermore, the easy to read computer details your Time, Stroke Count, Distance, Calories Used & Scan data during your workout, keeping you on track and well informed at all times.

              2- Fila Player Martial Arts Training Shoes

              This is a lace-less shoe that provides a perfect fit through elasticated sock style ankle support. The shoe has a fully breathable outer sole to allow greater circulation with a fully flexible insole with midfoot support, along with front and back pivot points for kicking. All this paired with the Mesh sole makes them ideal for Taekwondo.

              3- Adidas Speed Boxing Head Guard

              This Adidas creation is the ultimate lightweight head guard. It is padded with ultra-lightweight high-end foam padding for ear and cheek protection, and for complete safety, the chinstrap and head covering are CE approved.

              4- Foam Nunchaku with Cord

              There are few children who did not grow up wanting to be ninjas, and we here at Gym Rat always encourage people to follow their dreams. These Nunchucks made of foam with nylon cord are great for beginners. So buy these now and fulfil your ninja destiny.

              5- Cold Steel Polypropylene Brooklyn Banshee Baseball Bat

              Like baseball or not, there is something inherently cool about a baseball bat, and at 32 inches long and just a hair over 2 pounds, even the youngsters can take this bat anywhere to show it off. And looking at it, who wouldn't want to?

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