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Lifting Aids

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The term lifting aid comes from mechanical lifting aids in construction environments that can reduce the risks when used correctly.

As implied by the name, lifting aids for gym workouts refer to any tool or piece of equipment or workout gear that helps in strength training or weight lifting.

Why are lifting aids beneficial?

Using such lifting aids for gym workouts can remove or reduce that risk the risk of injuries. Hand or back injuries are especially a serious concern since they can make your day-to-day work unnecessarily difficult. Therefore, in most cases lifting aids help create padding or provide some sort of friction to improve your grip.

Types of Lifting Aids

There are several major categories of lifting aids for gym workouts; gloves, supports, pads, collars, belts, bands, and wraps.

Now, gloves have the largest variety of options out of all things available in the GymRat's Lifting Aids Online Section. This is because there is nothing more essential than a powerlifters grip. In olden times strongmen used to cover their hands in chalk. These days we employ fitted gloves to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Pads, whether they be in the form of Barbell Weightlifting Shoulders Protective Pad or otherwise exist basically to provide cushioning and avoid painful collisions.

On the other hand, most of the wraps, belts, bands, and wraps act as braces to prevent snapping or whiplash motions, preventing injury.

Some Highlights from GymRat's Lifting Aids Online Section

Now that we understand the purpose of these nifty little tools - let us discuss which ones have proven to be noticeably appreciated by our customers.

First up, the PowerLifting Hooks, the ideal tool for exercises that involve pulling like shrugs, deadlifts, rows, pulldowns, and more. Second, we have the Blue Spring Barbell Weight Bar Collar (available in a variety of colours). These collars are the fastest way of securing your weights - they make sure the plates don't fall off whilst working out - avoiding injury to yourself and others. Lastly, we have the Elasticated Infrared Elbow Supports. These supports were designed with the approval of notable physiotherapists. Therefore, the ProSport Elbow support provides effective support for damaged ligaments. Muscles and weak or unstable joint conditions.

The proper way to start lifting even if you have aid.

1- Know your limits, do not lift above your ability.

2- Do not try for brute strength. Learn and practice the proper forms.

3- Do not hold your breath while lifting.

4- Do not target a particular muscle group continuously. Rest when you can.

5- Work all of your major muscles — including the abdomen, hips, legs, chest, back, shoulders and arms. Do not only focus on some of them.

6- Never skip the warm-up, slowly ease your muscles into the process.

7- Do not rush your workouts.

8- Do not ignore the pain, as ignoring an injury will only make it worse.

9- Take advantage of the gear at your disposal, whether that be shoes, supports, or otherwise.

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