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Ironman 20KG Cast Iron Dumbbell & Barbell SetIronman 20KG Cast Iron Dumbbell & Barbell Set
Ironman 20KG Cast Iron Dumbbell & Barbell Set
Regular price £149.99 £99.99
    Boxing Punch Stand | Upholstered Punching Bag |
    PU Upholstered Freestanding Floor Punching Stand Bag
    Regular price £250.00 £199.99
      Multi-Grip Wall Mounted Workout Dip Station
      Regular price £49.99
        Dip Bar Power Tower- Power Tower-
        Adjustable Folded Pull-up Workout Power Tower
        Regular price £150.00 £135.99
          Adjustable Exercise Bike- Resistance Exercise-
          Indoor Exercise Bike
          Regular price £250.00 £200.00
            Cheap Treadmill UKTreadmill for sale UK
            Stride Master Motorised Folding Running Treadmill
            Regular price £699.99 £474.99

              What Is The Make-Up Of This Collection?

              This collection spotlights any currently tending or on sale times to keep our customers well-versed in any fitness developments and aware of any discount opportunities. Additionally, we also tend to feature popular products of companies we are affiliated with, such as Olimp and BioTechUSA. These products do, however, have to be from the sections we sell ourselves.

              What Factors Affect This Collection?

              This collection is updated every time the online community encourages people to try out a brand new sport or discipline, or in simpler words, whenever sports or fitness disciplines become popular in the mainstream. Since this is when people are more likely to invest in brand new equipment. Additionally, the collection is also updated whenever there is a sale, a fundraiser, or a call-back. Lastly, we tend to spotlight our business partners and affiliates whenever we can.

              What Are Some Fabulous Products (As Of The Time Of Writing)?

              We always pride ourselves on providing our clients with just what they need in order to succeed in their fitness journeys. This highlights section, and even this section is a small representation of the quality we bring to the table. So let us discuss some truly outstanding fitness tools.

              1- Pull-up Bar Multi-Used Power Home Gym Tower Station

              This Tower Station, designed by HOMCOM, is suitable for men and women for at-home workouts, with a special focus on pull-ups, push-up exercises to train their arm, breast, leg muscles, lose weight, train abdominal, and abdominal arm muscles. And while it might look like a swing's less fun older brother, your comfort is taken care of with a PU pad and backboard with thick foam filling.

              2- 50 mg Pregnenolone 60 Capsules Super-Strength Pregnenolone

              These are Swanson's most powerful pregnenolone supplements to date. The reason being that Pregnenolone is a neuroactive substance found highly concentrated within particular areas of healthy young brains. Its goal as a supplement of this substance is healthy brain function promoting quality sleep and cognitive health.

              3- PU Upholstered Freestanding Floor Punching Stand Bag

              With this punching bag, working out at home becomes like in the gym. It is the perfect equipment for you to test your moves and improve stroke by stroke. The PU Upholstered Punching Bag is significantly padded and is connected to the base by three shock-absorbing springs to absorb shock and reduce vibrations. Additionally, the base of our Freestanding Boxing Punch Stand has 12 suction cups solely dedicated to keeping the bag upright.

              4- Adjustable Sit-up Workout Bench

              A less complex piece now. The adjustable sit-up workout bench has high strength 4-way heavy steel frame structure that adds stability and durability to the slant board. Also, this Sit-up Workout Bench has a support bar that connects front and rear feet to stop wobbling or shaking from your ab workout.

              5- Electric Foldable Motorized Exercise Treadmill

              Lastly, we have this Electric Foldable Motorized Exercise Treadmill. It has adjustable speed control, along with time, speed, distance, and calorie monitoring. Its main aim is to offer you the required workouts in the comfort of your own home. Finally, the treadmill has a folding design that saves space.

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