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HumaPro, Pineapple - 667g - GymRat UK
HumaPro, Pineapple - 667g
Regular price £69.95 £57.99
    HumaPro, Pineapple - 334g - GymRat UK
    HumaPro, Pineapple - 334g
    Regular price £41.95 £34.99
      HumaPro, Rocket Pop - 334g - GymRat UK
      HumaPro, Rocket Pop - 334g
      Regular price £47.95 £39.99
        HumaPro, Blue Raspberry - 334g - GymRat UK
        HumaPro, Blue Raspberry - 334g
        Regular price £47.95 £39.99
          HumaPro, Sour Grape - 334g - GymRat UK
          HumaPro, Sour Grape - 334g
          Regular price £47.95 £39.99
            HumaPro, Rocket Pop - 667g - GymRat UK
            HumaPro, Rocket Pop - 667g
            Regular price £79.95 £66.99
              HumaPro, Passion Fruit - 667g - GymRat UK
              HumaPro, Passion Fruit - 667g
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                HumaPro, Strawberry-Kiwi - 334g - GymRat UK
                HumaPro, Strawberry-Kiwi - 334g
                Regular price £41.95 £34.99
                  HumaPro, Exotic Peach Mango - 334g - GymRat UK
                  HumaPro, Exotic Peach Mango - 334g
                  Regular price £47.95 £39.99
                    HumaPro, Southern Sweet Tea - 667g - GymRat UK
                    HumaPro, Southern Sweet Tea - 667g
                    Regular price £79.95 £66.99

                      ALR Industries was born in 2001 from the lifelong motto of Author L. Rea, the man behind the vision that is giving those athletes who refuse to accept mediocrity the means to maximize and reach their full potential, which is no task for the faint of heart. That motto, "Adapt, migrate or die... whining is not an option for those who refuse to accept mediocrity," has been the driving force behind the indispensible work of ALRI, which has taken full advantage of all the years of experience Author L. Rea has to offer-not only as a bodybuilder himself-but also as a scientist.

                      That experience includes more than thirty years in the fields of bodybuilding and biological research and development. In addition, Author L. Rea has written three books as well as hundreds of articles dealing with the intricate science of human health and the maximization of physical performance.

                      Combining passion, expertise and innovation, ALRI is continually working with athletes and scientists to make available the best in human performance and health products available to its consumers, with a powerful focus on safety and effectiveness. Not only that, but ALRI feels so strongly about supporting athletes who strive to reach their full potential that in the year 2006, it donated thousands of dollars in supplements-at both the professional and amateur level-to Bodybuilding, Figure, and Fitness athletes, with ambitious plans to provide even more support in the following years.

                      There is an overwhelming passion at ALRI to provide those who are striving to push to the edge of their limits the most innovative and effective products on the market. Without a doubt, ALRI is paving the way in quality and reliability with its products in the supplement industry.

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